Hart Schaffner Marx 2 Button Suit


From the Manufacturer

Sharp worsted wool american-made suit fashioned in a timeless, two-button cut with notch collar, side vents and featuring flat-front trousers for versatile appeal.

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When my law practice started to pickup my my dad told me was  that “I needed to get my feet off the ground” and also buy a few high quality suits. I got my feet off the ground by retrieving my old Allen Edmonds Park Avenue shoes from the corner of the garage. They were relics from my days working as a computer programmer for the now defunct Enron. I had tossed them in the garage after law school because cap toe shoes were not in Fashion in my opinion. I now laugh at how uninitiated I was as far as those shoes were concerned. Shoes, check! Now all I had to do was get a few high quality suits. I asked my dad “Who makes a high quality suit? ” He replied Hickey Freeman and Hart Schaffner Marx, the suit of presidents. I proceeded to look at the prices of Hart Schaffner and Hickey Freeman suits and was blown away. There was no way I was going to buy a $750 suit.  So I began my journey looking for one that had been discounted. It didn’t take me long to locate my first “Hart” suit at Dillards, it was half off, which was palatable for the at that time. It was a medium gray suit with faint blue and silver stripes. I loved that suit until I donated it to charity. Fast forward to today, Hart and Hickey Freeman suits are a staple in my wardrobe although I have suits that are more expensive these suits have a prestige about them. If they are good enough from  Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Barack Obama, they are good enough for me.

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